Saturday August 01

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Show #243 - Bruce Kulick (7/28/15)
Bruce Kulick is best known for his 12-year, non-makeup stint in KISS - he played on five studio albums, including Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot in the Shade, Revenge and Carnival of Souls.  He was also featured on the MTV Unplugged video.  Kulick has had a colorful career which included touring...
Show#242 - Tad Robinson (7/2/15)
Indianapolis singer Tad Robinson has a knack for creating soul records that just sound effortless.  We raved about his last record, Back in Style, from 2011.  Now he’s back with another CD called Day Into Night.  Once again, he’s achieved that perfect blend of smooth R&B featuring Robinson’s soulful vocals...
Show #241 - Chandler Travis (6/24/15)
Chandler Travis and David Greenberger have had a musical friendship that’s lasted over 30 years.  Bocce & Bourbon - the Comfortable Songs of Chandler Travis & David Greenberger sums up that partnership by culling songs from Travis’ multiple bands - The Incredible Casuals, The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, The Catbirds, and...
Show #240 - Tom Chapin (6/10/15)
Tom Chapin is a three-time Grammy-award winning artist who’s released 24 albums over his long career.  He’s one of the few artists who’ve been able to lead a dual life as both a folk artist and popular childrens’ performer.  His new album, 70 (view on, celebrates his milestone birthday...
Show #239 - Billy Vera (6/4/15)
Musician, actor, TV theme singer, voice-over announcer  - Billy Vera is all of those things.  He scored several R&B hits in the late Sixties, including “Country Girl, City Man,” a duet with Judy Clay.  But, Billy is best known for his surprise #1 hit in 1987, “At This Moment,” which...
Show #238 - Ben Wilkins (5/29/15)
Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Wilkins is back with his sophomore album, All From Hello.  Still intact is his keen sense for melodic hooks and lush arranging.  But, this time around, Wilkins has steered things in a definite soulful direction.  He’s released the new disc on his own Midnight Train...

In Tony's Blog

Davina & the Vagabonds (concert review)

Davina & the Vagabonds - Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna, OH, 6/21/15


Davina & the Vagabonds have released two stellar studio albums - 2011’s Black Cloud and 2014’s Sunshine, both of which feature New Orleans’ style jazz & blues played with reckless abandon.  But, the question is - can they deliver the goods live?


The answer is a resounding YES - and then some.


This Day in History

Saturday, 01 August 1959
Happy Birthday To...

joe elliott of def leppardJoe Elliott, lead singer of Def Leppard.  The band's 1983 breakthrough album Pyromania helped pave the way for the metal craze of the late eighties.

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Random LP of the Day

Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko OnoVarious Artists - Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko Ono (Main Man Records) review

Seriously - one of the best tribute albums we’ve heard in years


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The problem with most tribute albums is that they suck.  What was once an unique idea has now been beat to death.  And the end result is usually the same: it just makes you want to go listen to the original artist.  That’s why Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko Ono is such a welcome surprise.  An eclectic array of artists each give their individual spin on this polarizing figure’s music.  What you get is a great collection of songs - whether you like Yoko Ono or not.


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