Monday September 01

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Show  #211 - Ken Caillat (Making Rumours) ((8/28/14)
He played a major role in shaping one of the biggest selling albums of all-time, Rumours.  Ken Caillat co-produced the classic Fleetwood Mac album with Richard Dashut.  We know the stories of how the band members were breaking up, but what about creating the songs?  Caillat gathers his recollections of...
Show #210 - Tommy James of the Shondells (8/18/14)
Tommy James of the Shondells was our very first interview on Icon Fetch.  Now, 209 shows later, he returns with an extensive talk about the stories behind some of his biggest hits: The unbelievable tale of his rise to fame with "Hanky Panky," the party classic "Mony Mony," the...
Show #209 - Gary Lewis of the Playboys (8/6/14)
In the mid Sixties, the charts were dominated by bands from the British Invasion - the Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, the Rolling Stones.  Yet, a few artists from America were still able to break through - the Beach Boys & Motown artists for example.  Then, there was Gary Lewis & the...
Show #208 - Mitch Ryder (8/1/14)
In the mid Sixties, Mitch Ryder was rarity - a white guy who successfully captured the essence of R&B but who could rock as well.  He was also one of the few American artists who gave those four lads from over the big pond a run for their money on...
Show #207 - John Mayall (7/25/14)
He’s been called the Godfather of British blues - John Mayall - and he’s been at it more than 50 years.  His Bluesbreakers band acted as a launching pad for some of the greatest musicians of all time -  Eric Clapton, Peter Green, and Mick Taylor all spent time honing...
Show #206 - Bob Gaudio (Jersey Boys) (7/9/14)
The Jersey Boys was first a successful Broadway musical and now a Clint-Eastwood-directed motion picture, based on the life and music of the Four Seasons. Almost all of the band’s hits were co-written by Seasons’ member Bob Gaudio, who had a big hand in bringing this story to the stage...

In Tony's Blog

Happy Together Tour (Concert Review)

Happy Together Tour - Fraze Pavilion - Kettering, OH  - 8/6/14

While every other summer package tour has faded away, the original Happy Together Tour continues to thrive.  In fact, the 2014 edition is the biggest yet, with the tour hitting over 50 cities across the country.  The show made a stop at Fraze Pavilion on August 6th, with the near-capacity crowd treated to a hits-filled evening of Sixties and early Seventies’ nostalgia.


This Day in History

Monday, 01 September 1952
Beginning of a Great Relationship

ray charles sr.Atlantic Records offers Ray Charles a contract.  Charles had been recording for the little-known Swingtime label.  Atlantic would move Charles away from the Nat King Cole-inspired music he was currently doing to full-on rhythm and blues, with hits like "What'd I Say."  To hear some of Ray Charles' best recordings for Atlantic on Itunes, click here.

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Random LP of the Day

Michael Bloomfield - From His Head to His Hands to His Heart from Sony LegacyMichael Bloomfield - From His Head to His Heart to His Hands (Columbia / Legacy) review

Colossally important, criminally under-appreciated - Michael Bloomfield gets his due


View this box set on

Guitarist Mike Bloomfield may not be a household name, but every rock fan owes him a huge debt.  A new 3-CD/1-DVD “audio / visual scrapbook” From His Head to His Heart to His Hands sheds light on his incredible genius.


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