Heart – Fraze Pavilion (review)

Heart – Fraze Pavilion, Kettering, OH – 6/16/15

Do yourself a favor and go see Heart


I am convinced that Heart is the greatest classic rock band still playing live.  While that might sound like a bold statement, consider this: Ann Wilson is 64 years old, yet she is still at the peak of her powers – a real vocal force of nature.  Heart returned to the sold-out Fraze Pavilion and put on another phenomenal show.

The concert opened with one of their first hits, “Magic Man,” and never let up in intensity.  The rockers, like “Barracuda” and “Straight On,” were ferocious; played with an energy belying their years. And, those songs are full of incredibly high vocal parts, which Ann never shied away from.  The band pulled out album cuts like “Bebe Le Strange” and “Kick it Out,” which were nice surprises.  Their Eighties’ output was well-represented this time, with a nice addition being the Nancy Wilson-led “There’s the Girl,” a Top Twenty hit from 1987.

Heart has always been known for their clever cover tunes, and this time around they were particularly impressive – a version of Robin Trower’s “Day of the Eagle” was jaw-dropping, while the girls paid tribute to a band from their home state of Washington by unearthing “The Witch” – an obscurity from garage-rock pioneers The Sonics.


The set was heavy on guitar rockers, but sister Nancy did have a chance to play some tasty mandolin on “These Dreams.”  The show-stopper was once again Ann’s heart-wrenching “Alone,” which sent goosebumps throughout the crowd.


The band came back for a three-song encore of all Led Zeppelin songs – “Immigrant Song,” “No Quarter,” and “Misty Mountain Hop,” and why not?  The girls have always had an affinity for their English heroes, and no band can do Zep better justice than Heart.


Forget the Who, the Stones, and the Eagles – save your money and grab a ticket to Heart.  I have seen these veteran rockers three times and have never been let down.  —Tony Peters