New Van Halen Track By Track #3

Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth comes out Feb 7, but we’ve got our hands on it already.  We’ll give you a track by track review of it as we listen.

Track 5 – “Blood and Fire” A very pop-leaning opening guitar line.  Kinda has a “Panama” vibe…apparently this melody was a leftover from that album, with maybe some “Little Guitars” thrown in for good measure.  Roth says “I told you I was coming back” before Eddie launches into another guitar freak-out.  Every solo so far is go-for-broke good.  He knows he’s got something to prove and, so far, he’s proving it.

Track 6 – “Bullethead” Another fast one – not as tuneful as “Chinatown.”  Roth doesn’t have that high-register scream, which would’ve worked here.  Maybe showing their age a little here.  Clocking in at a mere 2:25, it’s short.

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