SMiLE Sessions Blog Post 3

In my previous post – I mentioned that I talked with Mark Linett about the SMiLE Sessions box.  But, there’s been some confusion among fans – especially that some material has been left off.  Here is Mark’s reply:

“You posted a quote from the interview where I said that we had 7 CDs of material at one point and had to whittle that down to 5 (or some such). This has caused some fans to assume that we left off 2 CDs material when what I meant was that it took repeated editing to get the best of the sessions and still make it all fit on 5 cds not that we left anything out. The fact is originally EMI wanted a 3 CD set which they later upped to four and then to 5 when it became clear that if it wasn’t five cds we would have to cut close to 90 minutes of sessions out.”

Hopefully that clears some things up and makes some of you breathe a little bit easier.  Check back, I have an interview with Thomas Dolby to post next, and then Mark’s.  Plus, I hope to be able to talk with other people who were involved with the SMiLE project.