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About Tony Peters

Tony began collecting music even before they took the training wheels off his bicycle.  At first, it was 45’s, then LP’s and finally CD’s. Somewhere along the way, he also acquired a hefty amount of dreaded 8-track tapes as well.  As a young child, Tony was influenced by the great radio stations of Cleveland (especially Kid Leo at WMMS).  Then, when his family moved south as a teen, Tony absorbed the progressive sounds coming out of the Triangle, NC area.  Tony parlayed both of his loves (music and broadcasting) into a 20-year radio career in the NC, and Dayton, OH markets (most-notably a nine-year stint as full-time announcer at rocker WTUE).  During his tenure in the broadcasting field, Tony had the chance to interview over 100 bands, both local and national.

Tony started Icon Fetch in April of 2010 with an interview with legendary musician Tommy James.  Since then, he’s produced over 130 shows, chatting with the late Solomon Burke, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee Darlene Love, reclusive synth pioneer Thomas Dolby, Grammy winner Shelby Lynne, and Beach Boys’ engineer Mark Linett (just to name a few). He and his staff also write reviews of albums, both current and classic (there are over 200 currently on our site).

Besides his obvious obsession with record collecting, Tony also enjoys jogging, reading, cooking, watching classic movies and NFL games on Sunday.  He (sort of) plays guitar, bass and drums, and is currently in a local Dayton band that plays out about once a month.

You can reach Tony by clicking here.

Welcome to Icon Fetch!

Great Music Interviews, Album Reviews, and so Much More…

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s talk of the dismal state of the music business.   Yet, behind those doom and gloom headlines, the truth is – there’s still a lot of great music being made out there.  Yes, the traditional avenues that used to deliver those exciting new sounds have changed drastically – the pioneering radio stations and the one-of-a-kind record stores are all but extinct.  Yet, with the exponential growth of the Internet, there’s still hope that it will replace those fading outlets.

That’s where Icon Fetch comes in.  Under the direction of host Tony Peters, it’s our goal to bring you the best of what’s out there every week.  Over the last two years, we’ve garnered a reputation for our high quality audio interviews with a diverse list of artists.  Peters is a 20-year veteran of broadcast radio, yet is first and foremost a music fan at heart.  Time and again, musicians compliment him for his extensive music knowledge and relaxed interviews that come off more as conversations.

Icon Fetch has also received praise for their impressive collection of album reviews, both new and classic (there are now over 200).  A growing staff of writers is constantly looking to give you our unique view of the good music that’s still out there, waiting to be heard.

Yet, we also believe this new musical order is also about the sharing of ideas, opinions and thoughts among both the artists and the fans.  We know you still love music – and we want to hear your take.

Has the music landscape changed?  Certainly.  Yet, we prefer to look at the positives – there’s still an abundance of excellent music just waiting to be discovered – both by legendary artists, and up and comers as well.  Keep checking back to – there’s more great tunes on the way!