Classic Album – Boston – debut (CD review)

Boston – Boston (1976) – CD review

Quite possibly the greatest debut LP in history, Boston reset the standard for perfection in a rock album.  Sure, there were other LP’s that had strived for sonic perfection, Dark Side of the Moon comes to mind, but that was meant as a “headphone album.”  Boston rocks, yet every note is where it should be:

The guitars are big, the vocals soaring and the hooks are 100 percent grade A.  Taking a good part of a decade to create, Boston still stands as one of the most fully-realized debuts in history.  The album would yield the anthemic “More Than a Feeling.” The stratospheric height that Boston achieved would be a one-time deal. Don’t Look Back from two years later, sounds rushed and unfinished.  Subsequent LPs were mired in legal battles and over-production.  But the first Boston still stands up after all these years. –Tony Peters