Four Seasons – Sherry & 11 Others (review)

4 Seasons – Sherry & 11 Others (Real Gone) review

For years, the only way to hear Four Seasons’ music was in “wide stereo,” which means vocals in one channel, music in the other. These days, trying to listen to their music in earbuds is maddening. Well, once again it’s Real Gone Music to the rescue. They’ve just released the first several Four Seasons’ albums for the first time on CD in their mono mixes! We grabbed their debut album, Sherry & 11 Others for review.

The truth is, this was the way their music was originally intended to sound: mono – meaning everything is the same coming out of both speakers. Millions of their records were sold this way. It was only when stereo became popular in the mid Sixties that those “wide” versions became more popular (but not necessarily better).

The bass drum thumps deeply on “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” and “Peanuts” sounds fantastic in this setting. These tracks just have so much more punch in mono – especially on tracks like “Never on a Sunday,” which has hand claps and drums at the beginning.

“Sherry” in stereo takes a full eight seconds before the music comes out of both speakers – in mono, everything is front and center.

The packaging is nice too, faithfully replicating both the front and back cover of the original vinyl.

Real Gone Music has finally returned this music to the way you first heard it. Four Seasons’ fans rejoice! —Tony Peters