J. Geils Band – Bloodshot (vinyl review)

J. Geils Band – Bloodshot (vinyl review)

One of the best from this criminally under appreciated band

From Patti Page to punk rock, Real Gone Music has done an excellent job over the years of reissuing forgotten classics.  Well now, they’ve entered the vinyl market by reissuing a classic album from the J. Geils Band, Bloodshot – on red vinyl no less!

At their best, the J. Geils Band took classic R&B and infused it with a furious rock n’ roll attitude.  Case in point: the album’s lead off track, “(Ain’t Nothin’ But a) House Party.”  The original version by the Show Stoppers was a decent soul clapper, but the Geils Band retools it into a funky rocker.  This sounds like a party we’ll all regret in the morning, but is sure fun while it’s happening.  The other cover, “Hold Your Loving” by Titus Turner, is even faster than the King Records’ original, whipping the entire band into a frenzy.

The rest of the record is originals, yet you’d never know it.  “Make Up Your Mind” is an excellent mid tempo number, while “Southside Shuffle” is a funky good time.  The real standout is their signature “Give it To Me,” which slinks along a groove, powered by percussion and harmonica.

And, who could miss “Don’t Try To Hide It,” with the lyrics “I see your hiney / it’s nice and shiny.”

A solid record from top to bottom.  Break out the turntable, invite the friends over.  But, don’t be surprised if the cops show up.  —Tony Peters