#147 – Simon Wells – Rolling Stones Drug Bust Book

It was a turning point in popular culture.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were arrested in early 1967 on drug charges stemming from a party that Richards held for close friends.  Local police, tipped off by an opportunistic newspaper, raided the festivities, setting off a series of events  which led to a media frenzy, and the arrest and eventual temporary imprisonment of both band members.  What was supposed to be a show of force by the old guard establishment on the young hedonistic hippies, ended up with an entirely different outcome.

Author Simon Wells chronicles the events down to every lurid detail in his new book, Butterfly on a Wheel – The Great Rolling Stones Drugs Bust. Wells talks with Icon Fetch about dispelling many of the rumors surrounding the affair, including the legendary Marianne Faithful Mars’ bar incident. He also touches on how he obtained his evidence, and the lasting impact that the overturned charges had on popular culture.