#185 – Kim Longacre of the Reivers – Second Story

The Reivers came out of Austin Texas in 1985 with a critically-acclaimed album Translate Slowly.  Boasting both a male & female vocalist, the band was part of what was known then as the New Sincerity movement.  After three more records, two of them for a major label, the band called it quits in 1992.  Now, they’re back with their first new studio album in 22 years called, appropriately enough, Second Story.  We talk with vocalist/guitarist Kim Longacre about what brought them together after the long layoff, and the addition of keyboardist Eric Friend.  We also delve into the band’s history – how they assembled their first 7-inch with glue stick, what is was like to tour the country with a newborn in an unairconditioned van back in 1986, their experience being signed to a major label for two albums.