#189 – Chandler Travis – This is What Bears Look Like Underwater

Chandler Travis

Chandler Travis’ wry sense of humor and keen melodic sense have served him well through a multi-faceted musical career.  In the 1970s, his band Travis Shook & the Club Wow drew the attention comedian George Carlin, who liked the band so much, he asked them to be his opening act, a slot they occupied for several years.  In the Eighties, Travis led the power pop band the Incredible Casuals, before embarking on a solo career in the Nineties.  He’s got not one, but two current projects – the Chandler Travis Three-O, a scaled down version of his Chandler Travis Philharmonic, with their new CD, This is What Bears Look Like Underwater, and the roots rockin’ Catbirds, with their debut full-length Catbirds Say Yeah.