#100 – Urge Overkill – Rock n’ Roll Submarine

Urge Overkill - Rock n' Roll Submarine

Can a band take 16 years off and return like they never left? Yes

Urge Overkill scored an alternative smash in 1993 with “Sister Havana,” from the album Saturation.  Then, director Quentin Tarantino used their version of the Neil Diamond nugget “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” for his surprise hit movie Pulp Fiction a year later.  After their next LP, Exit the Dragon, failed to match their previous record’s dizzying heights, the band broke up.  Now, they’re back with their first new record in 16 years, Rock n’ Roll Submarine.  Icon Fetch talks with co-leaders Eddie “King” Roeser and Nash Kato about picking up right where they left off, playing a star-studded roast to Tarantino, and some of the cool features of their Rock n’ Roll Submarine.