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#277 – Stephen Bishop – Blueprint

Singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop scored several hit songs in the 70’s & 80’s like “Save it For a Rainy Day,” “On & On,” and “It Might Be You.”  He wrote songs for many other artists, including “Separate Lives,” a #1 hit for Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin.  He’s part of one of the most iconic scenes of the classic Animal House movie, where John Belushi smashes his guitar.

Stephen has a brand new album called Blueprint, which features many songs that were originally cut as demos.  He tells us the origins behind many of the songs, plus how he became friends with Eric Clapton, and how got involved in the Animal House movie.  And, he tells us a very funny story of touring with Linda Ronstadt.

#265 – BJ Thomas – Raindrops Keep Falling

BJ Thomas is a 5-time Grammy winner who’s sold over 70 million records worldwide.  His hits endure to this day – songs like “Hooked on a Feeling,” “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Another Done Somebody Wrong Song,” and “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.”  He remains active, still recording and playing shows to this day.  Thomas tells us the stories behind some of his biggest songs, and about touring with James Brown early in his career

#223 – Gary DeCarlo of Steam – Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

It’s one of the strangest stories of any #1 hit.  “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” was credited to a fictitious band called Steam, but it was actually recorded by vocalist Gary DeCarlo and some studio musicians.  But, because of some bizarre circumstances, he wasn’t able to take credit or benefit from this massive hit single.  The band never garnered enough “steam” – pardon the pun – to muster up another hit, and disappeared.  Well, the original Steam may be gone, but Gary DeCarlo is still around, and he’s released a new version of “Kiss Him Goodbye,” along with a brand new album called Long Time Comin’.  DeCarlo sets the record straight on the stories behind the hit single.g

#126 – Jon Anderson – Survival and Other Stories

Jon Anderson fronted progressive rock legends Yes for almost 40 years before stepping away due to health issues near the end of last decade.  He’s just released a brand new solo effort called Survival and Other Stories, which deals in part with some of the struggles that he’s had to overcome recently.  Anderson talks with Icon Fetch’s Justine Bevan about collaborating with different songwriters, having his wife as producer of the new record, and his spiritual outlook on life.

#119 – Maria Muldaur – Steady Love

Maria Muldaur has made a career out of shifting from one genre to another – folk, blues, jazz, classic R&B and even jug band music, while all along garnering critical praise and multiple Grammy nominations.  Her latest venture returns her to New Orleans and the blues – Steady Love, reuniting her with long-time collaborator Dave Torkanowski.  The 13 tracks on her new disc have a raw immediacy lacking in the majority of blues-based recordings that get released every month.  Icon Fetch talks with Muldaur about choosing the songs for the new record, recording the album on a “tweezer” budget, and what is was like trying to followup her 1974 hit “Midnight at the Oasis.”  She also gives us a preview of her next project.

#109 – Rick Derringer & Gary Wright – Hippiefest

Rick Derringer & Gary Wright - Hippiefest

Rick Derringer was just 17 years old when his band hit with “Hang on Sloopy” – how did he deal with fame at such an early age?

Hippiefest 2011 is coming to a city near you.  Featuring Rick Derringer, Dave Mason, Gary Wright, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, and Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals, it proves to be a night filled with great songs and performances.  Icon Fetch gives you a preview of the tour with interviews by both Rick Derringer and Gary Wright.  With Rick’s interview, we hear the story behind the smash hit “Hang on Sloopy,” which he sang on at the tender age of 17.   With Gary’s chat, we hear about his involvement in a new film about his friend, the late George Harrison.  Plus, both give insight into the current Hippiefest 2011, which is touring the country.

#105 – Michael Franks – Time Together

Michael Franks - Time Together

As a teen, he hitchkiked across Europe, at one point ending up at a party at Bridgette Bardot’s house

Songwriter Michael Franks has just released his 18th studio album, Time Together, a delectable blend of gentle melodies and clever wordplay – both signatures of Franks’ almost 40-year career.  Icon Fetch talks to the jazz singer about the long, five-year gap between recordings, reuniting with some old friends, and Hearts United for Animals, a charity he supports.

#102 – Jonathan Edwards – My Love Will Keep

Jonathan Edwards - My Love Will Keep

An engineer accidentally erased a song he had just recorded.  To fill the space, he recorded a song called “Sunshine” – which became a huge hit.

Jonathan Edwards is best remembered for his 1972 anti-establishment song “Sunshine.” He’s just released his first new studio album in 14 years, My Love Will Keep — 12 acoustic-based tracks featuring Edwards’ warm voice augmented by tasty accompaniment.  He’s joined by a variety guests, including bluegrass sensation Claire Lynch, and former Seldom Scene member Moondi Klein on backing vocals.  Icon Fetch talks with the current native of Maine about drawing on a variety of sources for his new record, getting a chance to sing with his daughter, and the story behind the unlikely success of “Sunshine.”

#97 – Elvin Bishop – Legendary Blues Cruise

Elvin Bishop - Legendary Blues Cruise
Legendary guitarist Elvin Bishop has returned with a brand-new live CD called Live on the Legendary Blues Cruise, featuring performances by many of Bishop’s friends including John Nemeth, Finis Tasby, Kid Anderson, and Terry Hanck.  Icon Fetch talks with the Oklahoma native about what it’s like playing this cruise year after year and gives us background on each member of his “Raisin’ Hell Revue.”  Plus, we discuss his early days in the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and the story behind his smash hit from 1976, “Fooled Around and Fell in Love.”

#94 – Carmine Appice – King Kobra

Carmine Appice - King Kobra

Carmine Appice, with his heavy-hitting style and showmanship, set the standard for rock drumming.  His first taste of success came with the proto-metal band Vanilla Fudge and their 1967 Supremes’ reworking “You Keep Me Hanging’ On.”  He’s since played with a wide array of artists, including Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ted Nugent and Rick Derringer. In the mid-Eighties he fronted a hard rock band, King Kobra, that received heavy airplay on MTV, before calling it quits at the end of the decade.  Now, they are back with a new record simply titled King Kobra.  Icon Fetch talks with the influential drummer about the reunion of King Kobra, why he began hitting the drums so hard, and the early days of Vanilla Fudge.