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Rarely do artists get a second act quite like Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson – Playback – The Brian Wilson Anthology (Rhino)

The guiding force behind the 1960’s Beach Boys, Brian Wilson helped create some of the greatest American rock n’ roll ever recorded. Yet, by the early 1970’s, a combination of drugs and fractured psyche left him a damaged recluse who famously put a sandbox in his living room.  Dr. Eugene Landy’s controversial treatment in the mid 80’s could’ve signaled the end of this great artist.  Yet, somehow Wilson has managed to pull things together and issue music which, while not as spectacular as his early Beach Boys, certainly contain moments of brilliance. Continue reading Rarely do artists get a second act quite like Brian Wilson

#275 – Brad Rosenberger of Omnivore Recordings – Becoming the Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are the greatest American Rock n’ Roll Band. Their music is ever-present in our culture. Kids of today are as likely to know the words to “Surfin’ USA,” and “Fun Fun Fun,” as “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” A new collection released by Omnivore Recordings, Becoming the Beach Boys, the Complete Hite and Dorinda Morgan Sessions, gives us the clearest view into the group’s origins. Through demos, rehearsals, multiple takes and studio chatter, you can hear the Beach Boys gelling as a band, both vocally and musically.

We talk with the man that helped put this fantastic package together, the owner of Omnivore Recordings, Brad Rosenberger. We discuss how he acquired these vintage tapes, the cool memorabilia in the accompanying booklet, and some of the oddest tracks in the set.