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#121 – Shelby Lynne – Revelation Road

Grammy-winner Shelby Lynne has fought hard to gain total control of her career.  Last year, she started her own record label, Everso Records, and released two albums – Tears, Lies & Alibis, and the holiday themed Merry Christmas.  Now, she’s returned with a new batch of songs, and even more independence – she wrote, produced, sang, and played every note on her brand-new album, Revelation Road.  Icon Fetch sits down once again with the multi-talented artist to discuss recording at her home studio, and some of the new instruments that she’s picked up

#98 – Eric Hanke – Factory Man

Eric Hanke - Factory Man

They say everything is bigger in Texas – and singer / songwriter Eric Hanke is no exception.  Standing 6’8” tall, he is literally a head above his competition.  Hanke has just released his sophomore record called Factory Man, a blend of country, folk and rock with Hanke’s down-home lyrics.  Icon Fetch talks to the Austin native about taking five years to put the record together and the stories behind many of the songs on the record.

#96 – Calhoun – Heavy Sugar

Calhoun - Heavy Sugar

The Fort-Worth band Calhoun has just released their third album called Heavy Sugar. It’s an appropriate title for a CD filled with shimmering melodies that linger long after you’re done playing the album.  Icon Fetch talks with both vocalist / guitarist Tim Locke and guitarist / keyboardist Jordan Roberts about how the band actually broke up for a while, the reformed.  We also find out what is was like working with James Barber, who’s recently produced Ryan Adams, and how they feel about fans being able to pick and choose their songs on iTunes.

#95 – Peter Parcek – Pledging My Time

Peter Parcek - Pledging My Time

Peter Parcek was nominated for “Best New Artist” at this year’s Blues Music Awards.  He’s returned with a brand-new 4-song EP of Bob Dylan interpretations called Pledging My Time.  We talk to the New England guitarist about choosing which Dylan songs to cover, the sparse production of the album, and the unique “Name Your Price” approach he took to distributing his new music.

#86 – Scot Sax – Wanderlust and Faith Hill

Scot Sax - Wanderlust

Scot Sax was the leader of the Philadelphia band Wanderlust, who scored a rock radio hit with “I Walked” in 1995, before breaking up two years later.  He then formed Bachelor Number One, who had a song on the first American Pie soundtrack. A few years later, in a strange twist of fate, Sax co-wrote the song “Like We Never Loved At All,” a hit for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, which won a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals in 2006.  Icon Fetch talks to Sax about his long strange trip, how he handled that initial success, and what it was like opening for the Who.

#75 – Jason Reeves – The Lovesick

Jason Reeves - The Lovesick

Jason Reeves co-wrote “Bubbly,” the 2007 smash from Colbie Caillat, as well as many of the songs from her first two albums.  He’s also collaborated with country duo the Jane Dear Girls and former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.  Reeves has recently unveiled “Sticks and Stones,” a single from his forthcoming album, The Lovesick, slated for a summer release.  Icon Fetch talks with the young songwriter about leaving his small town in Iowa for the big city, how he met Caillat, and the lost art of the pop song.

#73 – David John – Handful of Luvin

David John - Handful of Luvin

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Handful of Luvin’s new CD is called Life In Between.  The four-piece band’s secret weapon is Andrew Joslyn, who plays the violin with the fire of a guitar virtuoso.  The band mixes elements of folk, reggae, and even Celtic influences into their rock sound.  Icon Fetch talks with singer / guitarist David John about recording the new CD, the impressive artwork that adorns the disc cover, and including excerpts of English philosopher Allan Watts in a couple of their songs

#72 – Taylor Young and John Pedigo of The O’s

Taylor Young and John Pedigo of The O's

The O’s have taken the do-it-yourself attitude and ran with it.  Both members (Taylor Young and John Pedigo) play several instruments, often at the same time.  The acoustic duo has just released their second album, Between the Two, a blend of cheerful bluegrass, twangy country, and stompin’ blues, sprinkled with some Louvin-Brothers-inspired harmonies.  Both guys are veterans of several other bands (Young is still the drummer for the Polyphonic Spree).  Young sums their sound the best: “Well, we sweat too much for a folk band, drink too much for a pop band, and rock too much for a country band. Our music lies somewhere in between.”  Icon Fetch talks with both halves of the O’s about their new CD, having their tour van break down, and playing the opening of the Eight Track Museum.

#63 – Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine – The Long Surrender

Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine has just released a brand-new CD The Long Surrender helmed by studio ace Joe Henry (Solomon Burke, Ani Difranco).  The thirteen tracks on the disc are both warm and haunting at the same time.  At the band’s core is the husband and wife team of Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist, who’ve been making critically-acclaimed music for over 20 years now.  Icon Fetch talks with Detweiler about the recording process with such a prominent producer, the unique instruments on the album, and having a little help from their fans in funding their new project.

#61 – Lucy Billings – No Other Road

Lucy Billings

Arizona native Lucy Billings has just released her second album, No Other Road, featuring her personal yet melodic songwriting.  The record was warmly produced by John Jennings, who’s worked his magic on several of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s best CDs.  Billings talks with Icon Fetch about how she got hooked up with the producer, and gives us some of the stories behind her songs.