Claude Hay – Deep Fried Satisfied (CD review)

Claude Hay – Deep Fried Satisfied (Ingot Records) – CD review –

Australian Claude Hay is a one-man band, who made his own instruments (including his custom guitar/bass twin neck), constructed his own studio, and even built his own house.  His music is the audio equivalent of a deep-fried Oreo…there’s absolutely nothing subtle about it, yet it’s incredibly irresistible.  His CD is aptly titled Deep Fried Satisfied.

He accomplishes the one-man thing by a looping machine; he records a short guitar piece, then hits repeat.  This is followed by bass, percussion, etc.  It sure is fun to watch, but you don’t need the video to enjoy his music.  It’s amazing how a man that lives half way around the world, could make such an American album, from the instrumentation to certainly the subject matter.  It’d be easy to label Hay’s music “blues,” since his in-your-face slide guitar is ever-present throughout the disc.  Yet, his songs are incredibly catchy and danceable.  Party blues, with a smattering of funk, might be more like it.

As for his guitar playing, you’re not going to mistake him for the supple mastery of Derek Trucks per se.  No, Claude Hay’s slide playing has one setting: full-tilt, balls-out boogie woogie.  The album’s first single “How Can You Live With Yourself” is so damn catchy, you won’t believe it’s actually about a faulty printer!  Hay must have a problem with purchases, because “Don’t Give Me That” deals with him buying a crappy automobile.  Both “Deep Fried Satisfied” and “Get Me Some” sing the praises of American fast food, something Hay fell in love with on a recent tour.

There’s also a brow-raising rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” which turns the stadium classic into a blues stomper.  Like a guilty late-night binge, once you get to the end of Hay’s CD, you might feel a little bloated.  But just like that greasy fast food, his music is addictive, and you’ll be back for more. –Tony Peters