Fab Four FAQ 2.0 (book review)

Fab Four FAQ 2.0 – The Beatles’ Solo Years, 1970-1980 – Robert Rodriguez (Backbeat Books) – book review –

The Beatles are the most-written about band in the history of music.  Yet, the original Fab Four FAQ, published in 2007, managed to unearth a treasure-trove of unknown facts about John, Paul, George and Ringo.  Now comes the sequel, Fab Four FAQ 2.0, and this time the focus is on the post-breakup of the band.

Ironically, this book may be the more interesting of the two, simply because so much less has been written about the Beatles after they parted ways.  Once again, author Robert Rodriguez jam-packs the book with interesting tidbits and stories, along with photos of his private collection of Beatles’ memorabilia.  What sets this book apart from the girth of other pages written about the Fab Four, is the way it’s organized: everything is divided into chapters that alternate between covering a year in Beatles’ history, and some interesting bit of trivia.  So, you get what happened to each of them in a particular year, followed by something completely different.

This keeps Fab Four FAQ 2.0 from being a ho-hum history book, and elevates into a thoroughly enjoyable read.  And, because everything is put in tight compartments, it lends itself to quick reading in bursts.  In other words, you can pick it up and put it down whenever you like, making it at excellent coffee table or bathroom reader.  Some of the topics covered in the “other” chapters are solo Beatles film appearances, their wives and lovers; and feuds, fights, and bad behavior.  Rodriguez also analyzes each solo Beatles’ recorded output and gives his best and worst of each.  An excellent addition to any Beatlemaniac’s collection.