Foghat – Last Train Home (CD review)

Foghat – Last Train Home (Foghat Records) – CD review –

After the death of original lead singer “Lonesome Dave” Peverett in 2000, the one remaining founding member, drummer Roger Earl, assembled a new lineup of Foghat and hit the road.  While you can’t blame him for still touring, you might be skeptical about them releasing a new CD.  Well, be prepared to be surprised.

Last Train Home is an entire album of blues songs, something the band has wanted to do for years, and it’s a disc worthy of sitting right next to their best ones, like Fool For the City and Live.  The key here is that Foghat always had one foot in the blues; even if the other one was firmly planted in boogie woogie rock n’ roll, so this isn’t really a stretch for these guys.  The addition of lead guitarist Bryan Bassett gives Foghat a focal point, and he keeps things nice n’ tasty, especially his fine slide work.

Thankfully, new vocalist Charlie Huhn is not a clone of the former singer (like that new guy in Journey); he’s got a similar range as Peverett, but he’s not trying to imitate either.  The band even revisits several blues numbers from earlier albums, like “Feel So Bad” from their second album and “It Hurts Me Too” from Stone Blue.  There’s a treat at the end of the disc for those who stick around; two songs featuring the vocals and guitar of blues legend Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland.  At an age when most classic rockers have ceased recording a long time ago, Foghat has turned in another album worthy of a classic. –Tony Peters