Jann Klose – Reverie (2007) (album review)

Jann Klose – Reverie (2007, 3 Frames Music)

By Justine Bevan

Jann Klose is a Grammy-nominated entertainer, musician, singer/songwriter to be reckoned with. There is a need for this many titles for him because, well, the man is just hard to peg down to specifics or a genre. Reverie, Jann’s latest release, which contains 12 songs, has strong singer/songwriter qualities minus that big yawn that this sometimes means. “Beautiful Dream” is the first track off of his album and it literally will take you on a trip into, yes, a beautiful dream.

“Hold Me Down” has a nice groove that is a bit funky and not at all comparable to “Beautiful Dream”. “Doing Time” is more of the same, in that it is completely and totally different from the songs that lay in its wake. This song, featuring a ¾ time signature and steel guitar, is a demonstration of Jann’s wonderful range of musicality. The video for this one is just as entertaining as the song, and is shot in stop-motion which is reminiscent of a Peter Gabriel video. “Give Into This Life” is another golden one with its gorgeous harmonies and incredible passion; the best on the album. This song is authenticity — you will believe in what Jann is telling you in this song! “All These Rivers,” “Question Of The Heart,” and “Remember Your Name” all have one common thread and that is that you can tell it is the same artist performing, but the songs are all so uniquely their own, brothers and sisters to one another, but clearly not multiples.

One can hear all the different musical influences that may have played a role in what makes up Jann’s “musical soup.”  He has lived in several different corners of the world, which include Kenya, Germany, South Africa, Ohio and now New York — all those lovely sounds are present. Reverie is something that you will continually go back to for a good listen to hear something familiar, comfortable, and solid in what it has to offer. Jann is someone to keep an eye on, for he has the same spark that people like Don Henley and James Taylor have. He is currently working on new material.  In the meantime, Reverie is something that will be revered.