Kopek – White Collar Lies (CD review)

Kopek – White Collar Lies (Religion Music Ltd) CD review

A few songs into White Collar Lies and it’s clear why Kopek has gained respect and created buzz among rock fans taking a listen. It’s not every day that a modern rock song grabs the listener and makes them want to hear more, but it is not a reach to predict that Kopek will find popular success for all the right reasons. The Irish band — drummer Shane Cooney, bassist Brad Kinsella and vocalist Daniel Jordan – worked hard to get to their album deal with Dublin-based Religion Music.

The groups spent most of the first decade of the millennium on the road and were rewarded for their efforts in 2005 when they were named best live act at the Global Battle of the Bands. All this work paid off when the band introduced “White Collar Lies” to iTunes last summer. The CD was on shelves January 18 this year and the first track “Cocaine Chest Pains” has been climbing the charts. “Love is Dead,” also released as a single, is sure to follow.

It is true that most of the songs on the album follow what will probably prove to be a successful “radio rock” formula. That being said, “Sub Human” demonstrates the group’s ability to break away and create something different. The multi-album deal signed with Religion will hopefully lead to more of the same in future release.

An aggressive U.S. tour is underway and offers the chance to see the band live: http://www.kopekofficial.com/tour/.  — Jessica Hamrick