Krokus – Hoodoo (CD review)

Krokus – Hoodoo (Sony International) – CD review –

Hoodoo may be Krokus’ best album ever.  Consider this: back in metal’s heyday, bands were concerned with how many high notes their singer could hit and how much hairspray they should use.  Now, three decades removed for all that, they’ve stripped away all the bullshit.   What remains is a blistering set of the most straight-ahead rock that Krokus has ever laid down.

They’ve reunited with a lineup that last played together way back in 1982  It begs the question “if Krokus could’ve been this good, what the hell took them so long”?  There’s no effects, no big 80’s drums, just in-your-face guitar with a driving beat.  Most of the record is based around the same kind of catchy riffs that made early AC/DC so much fun.  The fact that these guys are pulling this off this late in their career is astonishing.  “Keep Me Rollin’” has that insistent guitar riff that makes you want to pump your fist high in the air, while “In the Blood” flat-out rocks.

The most telling song, “Rock n’ Roll Handshake,” is about getting the old guys back together: “Breakin the fight / With an old song./ Makin it right / Cause it was wrong.”  Grizzled and back with a vengeance; let’s hope this lineup can continue putting out records as good as this one. –Tony Peters