Peter Parcek – Mathematics of Love (CD review)

Peter Parcek – The Mathematics of Love (Vizztone) – CD review –

When most artists hit 60, their career is on the decline, but in Peter Parcek’s case, he’s just released his first national CD, the Mathematics of Love.  He sets the bar pretty high with the opening track, a torrid cover of “Showbiz Blues” from Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac.

His slide guitar work is right up there with Green, and he bests the original in his meaty, distorted guitar tone.  He immediately switches gears on the next cut, the brooding, acoustic title track, which Parcek penned (ironically, one of his previous jobs was as a school counselor).   This isn’t your typical, run of the mill blues record.  “Rollin’ With Zah” showcases some of Parcek’s best pyrotechnics.  He gets help from legendary keyboardist Al Kooper on the instrumental take of Ray Charles “Busted.”  To call that track a cover is somewhat misleading; the first half is faithful, but then things get way out there…it ends up turning into a psychedelic freakout.

Perhaps it comes with having soaked up so much in his years, but you can’t really peg Parcek’s guitar style:  one moment, it’s straight blues, another minute, it’s rock n’ roll, still other times, he’s turning a jazz lick here and there, which keeps things interesting.  It sure has taken him a long time, but with Mathematics of Love, it’s been well worth the wait.  And, perhaps he’s given hope to all of us procrastinators. –Tony Peters