Raiders of the Lost Ark – Original Soundtrack Vinyl Release (Concord Music Group)

One of the greatest scores in movie history, back in analog!

John Williams will forever be linked with the music he composed for the Star Wars’ series of movies. His “Main Title” opened all seven of the films, and continues to give us goosebumps each time we hear it. Yet, he’s done countless other scores (Jaws before, E.T. and Harry Potter after, just to name a few more). Arguably his second most popular composition is “Raiders March,” which later became synonymous with the theme for Indiana Jones. That piece of music was first introduced in Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981. The expanded soundtrack has just been reissued on vinyl from Concord Music Group.

This new, two-LP set features 30 minutes of music not available on the original album, released in 1981. Plus, the LP’s running order follows the movie more closely, which means the “Raiders March” doesn’t show up until the end (but it’s teased many times throughout the soundtrack).

Since the movie takes place in remote South America, Williams tailors his score to be more exotic. Instead of opening with a sweeping piece like Star Wars’ “Main Title,” Raiders of the Lost Ark begins with the ominous “In the Jungle.” “The Well of Souls” is one of Williams’ creepiest pieces of work, you swear snakes are sneaking out of your record player.

Things start to get really intense on Record 2’s opening track, “Indy Rides the Statue,” and continue to build with the frenetic “Desert Chase.”

Mind you, this music is anything but relaxing, but it also sounds fantastic blaring at loud volume from your turntable.

Turn your next get-together into a thrilling cinematic soundscape by grabbing Raiders of the Lost Ark, back on vinyl from Concord Music. —Tony Peters