Richie Kotzen – 24 Hours (CD review)

Richie Kotzen – 24 Hours (Headroom Inc) CD review by Justine Bevan

Richie Kotzen’s brand of bluesy, groovy, funky music is not easily definable, but is definitely Richie, and maybe that’s what makes him so uniquely marketable. His forthcoming release, 24 Hours, out 11-11-11, is bound to be possibly one of his best yet. His trademark fluid guitar, with raspy vocal accompaniment is so good you’ll barely be able to listen to an entire song without temptation to move on the next just to see if it’s as good as the last.

The opener for the album, also entitled “24 Hours” is a song about how you’ll give everything you can to the one that you crave, shall we say. “I’ll give you everything I got; I’ll give you 24 hours a day. I guess I’m just your bitch.” Kind of says it all doesn’t it?

24 Hours keeps it strong with “Help Me”, stating “I love you, no I don’t.”  Great falsetto in this song as well, and some of the “honest comedy” is a nice insight into what his personality might be like. “OMG What’s Your Name,” great bass lines, tight, although basic drumming, and nice acoustic underlying sound. In past efforts, Richie has taken on some other instruments, and one wonders if this is the case here. “Get It On”, proves that although the sound has uniformity on this album, each song is its own and not a copycat of the last. Clearly, this man loves his women, as the songs dictate. “Love Is Blind” is kind of Richie’s take on a ‘love song’. “This woman’s got me so strung out.” What a great, great song this is. “Bad Situation” is also another tasty morsel. The vocals are supreme, and the guitar work; moody. “I Don’t Know Why”, also love oriented, is a song any girl would love to hear in her honor. “Twist Of Fate” shows that a guitar can sing as well as a man. The guitar follows his vocals, and one wonders, which is more beautiful? The weak ones on 24 Hours, if there is such a thing are “Stop Me” and “Tell Me That It’s Easy”. The strong ones are the other eight.

What is unmistakable about Richie Kotzen is that he is a guitarist first, and then a seducer with his voice. Richie is his own genre. He doesn’t fit neatly into any area because so many boundaries get crossed. So, is it a marvel that you might be up 24 hours listening to 24 Hours? Not really.