Scheepers – Scheepers (METAL CD review)

Scheepers – Scheepers (Frontiers – released Feb 15th) CD review –

Why wait 30 years to put out your first solo record? Because it’s good enough to put your name on it.

Scheepers, the debut, self-titled release of legendary Primal Fear front man Ralf Scheepers, should shoot to the top of your must-have list for 2011.

Ralf has been around for three decades in the music business and his influences are all the 80’s metal gods, including Judas Priest, which he covers on the new album, the Scorpions and maybe even some Queensryche mixed in there for good measure. From this interview Ralf did for he talks about how the music was recorded over a three-year period. All over the globe they would lay down tracks in each of their respective home studios. As the guys got the riffs down and honed them to razor sharpness, they sent the files to Ralf for the final mix. This method made for an album that is super tight and sure to please any metal fan. Every note is in place: the vocals are clear and precise, and the project was not rushed.

Being a huge fan of Priest and 80’s metal in general, I was pleased with the cover of “Before The Dawn” off of Hell Bent For Leather (1979 CBS), maybe even outdoing the original. After the first listen to “Play With Fire,” which has got to be the first hit off of the new album, I found myself singing the song out loud.  That is, at least until my wife started breaking my balls about finding a job. I rate this album a solid 4 to 5. I think this album has success written all over it — possibly more than the success they found with Primal Fear’s Nuclear Fire (2001) –James McCann


  • Ralf Scheepers – Lead & Backing Vocals; Acoustic Guitar; Keyboards
  • Magnus Karlsson: Lead Guitars; Guitars; Banjo; Accordion; Keyboards
  • Sander Gommans: Lead Guitar, Guitars
  • Mat Sinner: Bass, Keyboards
  • Snowy Shaw: Drums

Guest Appearances:

  • Tim “Ripper” Owens: Lead Vocals on “Remission of Sin”
  • Kai Hansen; Mike Chlasciak; Alex Beyrodt; Victor Smolski: Lead Guitars


My rating system

1= Blew out a set of speakers – with a shot gun to make it stop…

2= The 10-second clips were enough for me…

3= Full internet videos will fit the bill — I like it but don’t need to own it…

4= Beg Tony from to get me a copy…

5= Risk time in prison for pirating or even more dangerous — spend cash and hear about it from the wife…