Still Whitesnake, Still David Coverdale, Still Good to Be Bad (review)

Whitesnake – Still…Good to Be Bad (Deluxe Edition) (Rhino)

Diehard Whitesnake fans left in an abyss with the cancellation of the US 2022 tour, will find the “Still…Good to be Bad” box set a welcome distraction. The new, four CD package is chock full of goodies, including a remastered original album, a new 2023 album remix, a Blu-ray disc that includes various live and acoustic performances, a 60-page hard cover book, replica tour book, poster, and previously unreleased demos and alternative versions. 

Whitesnake founder and lead singer David Coverdale says the box set is a “retrospective journey” that “revamps, revitalises and revisits” his legacy. Part of that rich history comes from Coverdale’s innate knack for choosing talented “snakes” like guitarist extraordinaire Doug Aldrich to be part of an ever-revolving band. The chemistry between Coverdale and Aldrich is undeniable. Aldrich co-wrote and co-produced on the original album and a different version of his guitar solo is offered on the song “All for Love” on the new CD. 

“Good To Be Bad” released in 2008, was the 10th album in Whitesnake’s repertoire. The new collection has 58 songs, of which 28 were remixed or remastered. That translates into 4 hours and 54 minutes of listening pleasure.   

CD#1: New remix 

CD#2: Remastered 

CD#3: Features new background vocals from the recording studio Hook City Harlots, along with the Hook City Horns, and long-time Whitesnake drummer Tommy Aldridge. 

CD#4: “Evolutions” highlights previously unreleased recordings and explores the creative process that goes into the song writing and demos to the finished recording. 

There is a lot to unpack with the “Still..Good To Be Bad” collection. True Whitesnake aficionados will enjoy unpacking it, comparing different song configurations, and most importantly, reminiscing. –Ann Stevens