Tweed Funk – Come Together (review)

Tweed Funk – Come Together (Tweed Tone Records) review

Tweed Funk has really evolved over the years. We reviewed their album, Love Is, back in 2012 (you can read that article here). What’s really changed is that the band has gone from copying their early heroes to actually fashioning their own sound, a blend of classic R&B and modern elements. Although you might classify their music in the blues genre, the music here is surprisingly positive – almost everything has an uplifting message.
The disc starts with “Light Up the Night,” propelled by a fantastic bassline and an infectious interplay between the sax and trumpet. “Don’t Give Up” has some great background vocals, and more impressive horn playing.

“Embrace” has a classic soul ballad feel, and the production is spectacular on this track – the horns sound like they’re in the room with you. The funky instrumental “Who is This” gives the band a chance to stretch out – some fantastic trumpet blowing from Doug Woolverton, and sax from Andrew Spadafora – it reminds me of “Pick Up the Pieces” from the Average White Band.
The standout track is “Love Ain’t Easy” – the entire band catches this infectious groove and just rides it, while “Smokey” Holmes lets his road-worn, soul-soaked vocals really shine. This is an excellent example of just how far this band has come – it’s obvious they’ve logged many hours playing together. “Bullet” is a gorgeous, jazz-soaked ballad, while “Soul Rockin’” ends the record on a funky note.

With a veteran vocalist, and phenomenal trumpet and sax players, Tweed Funk have come up with a contagious blend of classic-style R&B. —Tony Peters