387 – loveland duren – new album – Any Such Thing

The Memphis duo of Loveland Duren is made up of singer/songwriter Vicki Loveland and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Van Duren.  Both are veterans of the Memphis scene, with Loveland playing with the likes of Albert Collins and Isaac Hayes, while Duren played with Big Star alum Chris Bell & Jody Stephens before releasing solo material, and with his group, Good Question. 

The pair teamed up for their debut, Bloody Cupid in 2013, followed by Next in 2016.  Now, after literally traveling the world, then not being able to travel due to the pandemic, the pair is back with their most-focused album to date, Any Such Thing.

We chat with the duo about what is was like to visit Australia, while on a promo tour for Duren’s documentary, and how they managed to keep the album cohesive, despite having to record at several locations.