424 – Van Duren – Archival Release of Underrated Band, Good Question, Entitled Cartwheeling: Live in Memphis

Memphis musician Van Duren was the subject of a recent documentary called Waiting: the Van Duren Story, available to rent at most streaming services.  Omnivore Recordings released an excellent summation of Duren’s career in the form of the documentary soundtrack, then issued his first two solo albums in 2020. 

Next up is Cartwheeling: Live in Memphis, showcasing Duren and his underrated band, Good Question, recorded in an intimate setting amongst friends and family back in 1992. Duren talks about events leading to the concert and why the tapes lay dormant for over 30 years. He also reveals why they chose to cover “Got To Get You Into My Life.”

Duren also tells a great story about having Ringo Starr show up at one of his gigs.