#140 – Mitch Ryder – Devils and Blue Dresses

Mitch Ryder stormed out of Michigan with the Detroit Wheels scoring mid-60’s hits with “Jenny Take a Ride,” “Devil With the Blue Dress On,” and “Sock it To Me-Baby!”  For a shining moment, he was one of the few American artists that could rival the British bands in intensity.  But, after the hits dried up, Ryder’s career collapsed in a haze of drugs and shady management deals.  He managed to pick himself up and find a whole new adoring audience in Europe.

He’s just written his autobiography, Devils and Blue Dresses – My Wild Ride As a Rock and Roll Legend (Cool Titles), and released a brand new album produced by Don Was called The Promise.  Icon Fetch talks with Ryder about doing music his way and the possibility of a musical based on his life.  He also tells a great story about how John Lennon saved his life.