#160 – Sam Phillips – Martinis & Bikinis Deluxe Edition

Sam Phillips has released eight critically-acclaimed studio records, she’s scored the music for the Gilmore Girls TV series, and she acted alongside Bruce Willis in Die Hard With a Vengeance. But, of all the great work she’s put out, many people continue to gravitate toward her 1994 album Martinis & Bikinis, which earned a Grammy nomination for Best Female Rock Performance.  Produced by then-husband T-Bone Burnett, the album is a mix of gritty guitars, muscled drums, and Beatle-soaked harmonies.

Although not a commercial smash, it regularly makes critics’ “Best of the Nineties” lists.  Omnivore Records has just reissued the classic album, making the record even better with the inclusion of four bonus tracks, including a newly recorded version of her song “Strawberry Road.” Icon Fetch sits down with Phillips, who gives us the background on that great album.  She also talks about the circumstances that led to her role in Die Hard.  She also talks her fan subscription series and upcoming projects