#150 – Ted Drozdowski of Scissormen – Big Shoes: Walking and Talking the Blues

Scissormen take blues back to its raw basics: guitar and drums.  Yet, it’s amazing how much intensity the band brings in its live show.  It doesn’t hurt that singer Ted Drozdowski is one hell of a fantastic slide guitarist, who’s been known to stroll whatever room will have them, standing on tables to reel off another searing solo.  The band has just issued a CD / DVD combo called Big Shoes: Walking and Talking the Blues.

The set contains a documentary film directed by famed filmmaker Robert Mugge, who followed Scissormen through a tour of the wintery Midwest, with stops in Red Key, Indiana, the Gennett Records Museum in Richmond, and the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. All along the way, the band manages to unearth interesting stories, showing that traces of the blues can be found everywhere.  Icon Fetch talks with Drozdowski about making the film, some of the legendary bluesmen that influenced him, and the oddest item he’s picked up to play slide guitar with.