#202 – Marvin Etzioni of Lone Justice – The Vaught Tapes

Lone Justice, live performance at The Palomino, North Hollywood, California. 6 December 1984. L-R: Ryan Hedgecock, Don Heffington, Maria McKee.

Lone Justice were mid-Eighties pioneers. Blending elements of country, punk & rock, the band, led by fiery vocalist Maria McKee, gained a reputation for their incendiary live shows. Although praised by critics, the band never received commercial success, and broke up in 1989.  Yet, over the following years, the group has been cited as a major influence by many bands.  Now comes This is Lone Justice: The Vaught Tapes, 1983, a collection of 12 early recordings the band made before signing with a major label.  Icon Fetch talks with original Lone Justice bassist Marvin Etzioni, who has kept these tapes in his garage for years.  He tells us the story of how he joined the band and the circumstances that led to these fantastic recordings, made available for the first time.