#256 – Peter Case – Hwy 62

Los Angeles, California: Peter Case in his studio (Photo: Ann Summa).

Peter Case has had a long and diverse career, which began in the mid Seventies with his first band the Nerves. They didn’t sell a lot of records, but ended up being very influential on many bands that came after. Case fronted the Plimsouls through the mid-Eighties, scoring an MTV hit with “A Million Miles Away.” After his band broke up, and right in the middle of the BIG Eighties, he embarked on an acoustic solo career – embracing roots music, and garnering several Grammy nominations. Now Case is back with his first new album in five years called Hwy 62, and in a way he’s come full circle, with this new record once again embracing acoustic roots music. We talk the five-year gap in between studio albums; how he got hooked up with Ben Harper, who plays great guitar on the record; and the crowd funding campaign he’s running to fund his upcoming tour.