#279 – Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches – The Very Next Thing

Well, they say that everything old is new again – that holds true for Banjo Nickaru & the Western Scooches, who have combined elements of country, bluegrass, western swing, rockabilly, and Dixieland jazz.  The result is an infectious blend of styles that will get you dancing.  They’ve just issued a new EP called The Very Next Thing, and from the band we talk with both Nick Russo, who plays guitar and banjo, and Betina Hershey, one of the singers.

Both Russo & Hershey are also in the Hot Jazz Jumpers, so we talk the differences in both bands.  Plus, Hershey tells the story about how the two met, and eventually got married (also turning out the ironically titled “I Don’t Believe in Love”).