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#244 – Jessy J – My One and Only One

Saxophonist Jessy J is one of the hottest stars in Smooth Jazz, she’s hit #1 on the charts several times with her songs, and she’s collaborated with everyone from jazz legend Joe Sample to classic rockers Aerosmith. She’s just released her fifth album, My One and Only One – her most consistent record yet, featuring a great mix of Smooth Jazz with Latin & Pop elements. As typical, she’s brought in a few guests, this time around Paul Brown on guitar and Gregg Karukas on keyboards.

She also does a trio of fantastic cover songs – Toni Braxton’s “You’re Makin’ Me High,” the Cure’s “Livesong,” and the Brothers Johnson’s funk classic, “Strawberry Letter #23.”

#195 – Jessy J – Second Chances

Jessy J has been named the Hottest Rising Star in Smooth Jazz, scored several #1 singles in the genre, and had a chance to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business.  Her latest CD is called Second Chances. Icon Fetch talks with the sexy multi-instrumentalist about the number “2” re-occurring in the songs on her album, what made her choose the saxophone all those years ago, and a recent recording session she had with legendary rockers Aerosmith.