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#71 – Bucks Burnett’s 8-Track Museum

Bucks Burnett’s 8-Track Museum

Bucks Burnett has just opened an 8-Track Museum in Dallas, Texas.  Along with Bell Bottoms and the Pinto automobile, nothing screams the 1970’s quite like the 8-track tape.  For those who were old enough to remember them, those bulky cartridges provided the soundtrack for many a road trip or party.  Titles like Saturday Night Fever and Frampton Comes Alive! just sound better when played on them.  And, way before the mp3, the 8-track was the very first portable form of music.  Unfortunately, their ill-fated design caused the tapes to often get mangled in the players, and they were soon supplanted by the smaller and more efficient, cassette tape.  Burnett, who also managed Tiny Tim toward the end of his life, talks to Icon Fetch about how he started collecting 8-tracks, which ones are the rarest, and why he doesn’t actually play the tapes himself.