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#183 – Kristine W – New & Number Ones

She is the queen of clubs – Kristine W has scored 16 number ones on the Billboard Club Play singles charts, beginning in 1994 with “Feel What You Want.” At one point she placed nine consecutive singles at the top spot.  When Billboard magazine tallied their end of the decade results for the 2000s, Kristine came in third only to Madonna & Beyonce.  To celebrate, she’s looking back and looking forward with New & Number Ones, featuring past hits, and some brand new tracks, including the hit single “Everything That I Got.”

#154 – Natalie Nylon -Out of Control

Dance sensation Natalie Nylon has quite a diverse background – she studied classical and music theater at a young age.  Then,  as a teen, she sang and played bass in a punk band before moving from her Pennsylvania home to the bright lights of LA.  Nylon began experimenting with synthesizers, hooking up with producer Miko – the result was several singles that topped the European dance charts.  Nylon is hoping to continue that trend with the release of her first full length album, Out of Control. Icon Fetch talks to Nylon about how her roots effect her current music, how she’s preparing for her first video shoot, and how crazy it was to have her songs hit #1 overseas.