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#240 – Tom Chapin – New Album 70

Tom Chapin is a three-time Grammy-award winning artist who’s released 24 albums over his long career.  He’s one of the few artists who’ve been able to lead a dual life as both a folk artist and popular childrens’ performer.  His new album, 70, celebrates his milestone birthday with a diverse collection of acoustic-based tunes – socially-conscious tracks rub shoulders with heartfelt love songs.  It’s a fitting summation of his 50 years as a performer.  He tells us the story behind “Guitar Child,” a song that pays homage to some of his heroes.

He also talks about the great songwriter Steve Goodman, and why he chose to cover his “City of New Orleans.”  In addition, we discuss his late brother, Harry Chapin, and his lasting impact as a social activist.

#235 – The Grahams – Glory Bound

The Grahams, Alyssa & Doug Graham, have been friends since elementary school, and are now husband & wife.  They set out to record a followup to their debut, Riverman’s Daughter, which came out in 2013 – and decided to get some inspiration by riding some of the legendary trains which criss cross the heartland of America.  Not only did they record a new studio album, entitled Glory Bound, they also put together a film documentary and live soundtrack of their journey called Rattle the Hocks.  We talk to both Alyssa & Doug about several stops along the way, including recording at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis.