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#280 – John Hall – Still the One

John Hall has been able to live two distinctly different lives. In one, he led the Seventies soft-rock outfit Orleans, co-writing their two big hits “Dance With Me” and “Still the One.” In the other, he was a US Representative for New York’s 19th District from 2007 to 2011. John’s just put out his memoir, Still the One: A Rock n’ Roll Journey To Congress and Back.

In it, we find several times where his two worlds intersect. We also find out how he struck up a friendship with Janis Joplin, and also had a large hand in the No Nukes concerts that featured heavyweights like Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne.

#222 – Lisa Mills – I’m Changing

Lisa Mills hails from Mississippi, and there must be something down there in the water, as she’s put together one of the finest, most honest records of last year. I’m Changing, is a mix of blues, rock, soul, Gospel and even a sprinkle of country.  Add to it Lisa’s gritty vocals, and you’ve got the makings of a killer record.  Yet, this isn’t a totally new project, as many of the tracks were started back in 2005. Mills talks about the long, strange journey that led to this new album.

#149 – Dave Getz of Big Brother & Holding Co – Live at the Carousel Ballroom 1968

Dave Getz is the drummer for one of the most important bands of the Sixties’ San Francisco music scene,  Big Brother and the Holding Company.  Their album, Cheap Thrills, recorded with Janis Joplin, stands as one of the finest examples of psychedelic rock, and still sounds fresh today.  Sony / Legacy has just issued Live at the Carousel Ballroom 1968, a vintage recording of the classic lineup, just a couple of months before their breakup.  The disc features ferocious performances, and is testament that Big Brother was a lot more than simply Joplin’s backup band.  In addition, Dave’s other group,  the Dave Getz Breakaway, have a new album out featuring an unreleased song that Getz co-wrote with Janis.