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#197 – Lisa Johnson – 108 Rock Star Guitars Book

Photographer Lisa Johnson has just put out 108 Rock Star Guitars from Glitterati Publishing.  While there have been many photo books centering on guitars, her book is something completely different:  for one, these aren’t just any six stringed instruments, but the favorite axes of some of the legendary guitarists in all of rock.  Johnson traveled all around the globe for a chance to snap these hallowed instruments.  But, the most unique aspect of her book is the way she captures them – instead of the whole instrument, she might zoom in on only a portion of the guitar – maybe a well-worn pickguard, or a banged-up neck.  it’s known as macrophotography.  The result of these high definition prints is that you feel like you can reach out and touch these rare pieces – a real treat for any avid guitar fan.