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#260 – David Lanz – Silhouettes of Love

David Lanz is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum artist, who’s been a frequent guest on our show.  Recently his career has taken a different path, collaborating with vocalist Kristin Amarie.  Their latest project is called Silhouettes of Love, and it sees the pair adding elements of classical, soul and smooth jazz for a uniquely romantic album.

#221 – David Lanz – Forever Christmas

David Lanz has been putting out music for over 30 years, so you’d think there wouldn’t be any “firsts” left for the award-winning pianist.  Yet, his new record, Forever Christmas, is his first-ever album to feature a songwriting partner from start to finish, and his first record prominently featuring a vocalist.  The songwriting partner & vocalist is also the love of his life, Norwegian born Kristin Amarie. Lanz talks about constructing the album during last year’s brutal winter, the fabulous artwork that adorns the CD, and plans he has for the new year.