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#182 – Tribute to Reg Presley of the Troggs

With the recent passing of Reg Presley of the Troggs, Icon Fetch has put together an hour-long tribute to the band and their influential lead singer.  We’ll hear the story of “Wild Thing” from the man who wrote the legendary song, Chip Taylor.  From Larry Page, the band’s manager & producer, who wouldn’t give up on the song, even though everyone hated it, Mike Mills of R.E.M., who played with the band on a collaboration called Athens Andover, and Graeme Clark of Wet Wet Wet, who took the Troggs’ “Love is All Around” back to the top of the charts in the Nineties.  Also contributing are Richard Barone, Peter Zaremba of the Fleshtones, Tommy Keene, producer Mitch Easter, Debora Iyall of Romeo Void, pianist David Lanz, Jon Weiss of the Vipers, Peter Holsapple of the dB’s, and filmmaker Grant Wakefield, who talked with Presley about his obsession with crop circles.

#67 – Mitch Easter – The State of Recording Today

Mitch Easter

Mitch Easter is best known as the co-producer for the first two REM albums, Murmur and Reckoning from the early Eighties.  That exposure helped him land numerous other production gigs.  At the same time, Easter was leading his own fine band, Let’s Active, who released four records for IRS.  After that band’s breakup, it took him almost 20 years to release new material — 2007’s Dynamico was Easter’s first release under his own name.  Icon Fetch talks to the influential producer about why it took him so long between releases, the story behind hooking up with REM, and how he feels about the state of the recording industry now.