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#82 – Tiffany – Rose Tattoo

Tiffany - Rose Tattoo

Former teen pop sensation Tiffany actually began her career singing country music.  But, when she was discovered by manager George Tobin, he steered her towards pop music.  She became the youngest female artist to top the Billboard Album chart with Tiffany in 1987, scoring two number one hits in a cover of Tommy James’ “I Think We’re Alone Now,” and the ballad “Could’ve Been,” as well as another top ten in a reworking of the Beatles’ “I Saw HIM Standing There.”

But, as is the case with many teen stars, she really didn’t have creative control over her own career.  After her initial success, she’s delved into a variety of styles.  Now, with the release of Rose Tattoo, she’s come full circle, back to her country roots.  Icon Fetch talks with Tiffany about those crazy early years, moving to Nashville, the story behind the title of her album, and her teaming with fellow 80’s pop queen Debbie Gibson for a goofy SciFi channel movie.