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#55 – Wally and Jesse Bryson on John Lennon

Wally Bryson and Jesse Bryson of Bryson Group

Guitarist Wally Bryson was a member of the Raspberries who had an enduring hit with “Go All the Way.”  The band released four albums in the early Seventies before breaking up in 1975.  Those records are now regarded as early examples of “power pop,” mixing the melodic sense of the Beatles, the intensity of the Who, and the summery harmonies of the Beach Boys.  His son, Jesse Bryson, has forged a music career all his own, showcasing his excellent singing with a knack for writing hook-laden melodies.  The father / son duo have teamed up to form the Bryson Group.  Icon Fetch talks to them about both of their unique musical paths, and also the impact that John Lennon had on both of their careers.