Korn – Korn III: Remember Who You Are (CD review)

Korn – Korn III – Remember Who You Are (Roadrunner) – CD review

Korn has released their 9th studio album, and with a new label (Roadrunner Records), they’re calling it Korn III (it’s their 3rd label overall).  They’ve also got a monster of a new drummer, Ray Luzier.  This jewel is titled “Remember Who You Are” and it’s a departure from their heavily-produced albums of the last decade and sounds more like an early Korn release.

One listen to the album and you will feel the true power of these guys. They just let it rip, no mirrors, smoke or recording magic; just a powerful cosmic flow. It will be a great tour album for sure — check back to iconfetch.com for shows near you. The self-titled Korn (1994) has always been a favorite of fans, and Remember sounds like it has reopened feelings of those early days.

Korn has sold over 35 million albums, so it can’t be easy to keep this level of passion up. Running into an old flame that dumped you and then rubbed it into your face couldn’t crank the anger to the levels reached here. And the fans thank you. These recordings are a great outlet, on par with having a ‘67 GTO in the garage and doing a few burnouts in front of the ex’s house. If you don’t want to drop 30k on a car, then ‘Remember’ will fill the void. If the ex lives next to the music store and that pesky restraining order keeps you two miles away… Amazon.com has got your back on this one. — James McCann