New Van Halen Track By Track #2

Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth comes out Feb 7, but we’ve got our hands on it already.  Here comes our take on tracks 3 & 4:

Track 3 – “You and Your Blues” the opening riff seems somewhat familiar, possibly “Aftershock”?  Moody verses – and a great big chorus, background vocals, nice middle eight.  Dave’s screamin sounds good here with the “ahhhs” in the background.  Another winner.

Track 4 – “Chinatown” holy crap, this one’s fast – even faster than “Atomic Punk” or “Hang ‘em High,” but the same kind of attitude.  Jesus, Eddie’s soloing is mind-blowing.  There are a lot of bands of their age that would sound old playing this fast, but they actually pull this off

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