Prince – Chaos, Disorder, Revolution (book review)

Prince – Chaos, Disorder, & Revolution — Jason Draper (Backbeat Books)  book review by Carey Brentlinger

Being a diehard Prince fan all my life, I was anxious to read this book that showcased who Prince is.  I was very surprised to learn a lot about Prince’s early years.  I knew he had a sister but didn’t know about 3 step-siblings.  It was also nice to learn more about his marriage and the baby that he lost.

The book has a lot of facts about songs and albums, and Prince’s mindset when he was recording each one.  Which was awesome, because Prince is a very private person and doesn’t let many into his world.  Although, the book doesn’t flow as well as it could, a lot of jumping back and forth between albums and dates, it was still very informative.  I was also very pleased at the end that there is a chronological list of everything.  Would definitely recommend it to other Prince fans.