#101- Debora Iyall of Romeo Void – Stay Strong

Debora Iyall of Romeo Void - Stay Strong

She never fit into the “rock star mold” that the record company wanted her in.  Now she’s playing by her own rules

Debora Iyall fronted the Eighties band Romeo Void, who scored a pair of MTV hits in the biting “Never Say Never,” and the funky “Girl in Trouble is a Temporary Thing,” before calling it quits in 1985.  After a brief stint as a solo artist, Iyall left the music business altogether to concentrate on art and teaching.  Now, she’s got a brand-new album of material called Stay Strong.  Icon Fetch talks her about the different directions her new music has taken, the inspiration behind some of the songs, and how Michael Jackson inspired her song “A Girl in Trouble.”