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#178 – Claude Hay – I Love Hate You

He’s taken the Do It Yourself mentality to a whole new level.  Australian Claude Hay has built his own instruments, his own studio, even customized his touring van.  When he plays live, he’s a one-man show, using looping technology to essentially play all the instruments himself.  We talked to Hay when he released Deep Fried Satisfied back in 2010.  Now, he returns with his 3rd album, entitled I Love Hate You. The title track is about his touring van, which he’s tricked out with a bar, but also has left him stranded on several occasions.  He also talks about recording in his home studio, which is fitted with a giant Darth Vader head which lights up.

#40 – Claude Hay – Deep Fried Satisfied

Claude Hay

Australian Claude Hay is literally a one-man band, using his custom-made twin neck guitar-bass combination, plus a looping machine, to layer instruments while he plays.  He’s just released Deep Fried Satisfied, a collection of songs as greasy and irresistible as the fast-food that inspired them.  Icon Fetch talks with Hay about making his own instruments, and his love of both American music and food.